LMC Votes! is getting ready for 2020

LMC Votes! 

LMC Votes! is a non-partisan, student led organization at Lake Michigan College. LMC Votes! will be led by Campus Vote Project student fellow Madeline Dale for the fall 2020 semester. Madeline’s team includes students in National Government courses. Many of our students will be taking online classes this fall due to Covid-19 restrictions and knowing this, LMC Votes! will use many social media platforms as well as other online outreach tools to engage, inform and educate first time voters as well as returning voters in Michigan. Our goal is to increase student participation in the November 2020 election to 50% and increase voter turnout to 75% for our district. 

Do you want to see what our student are talking about? Read the LMC Votes! Blog here

For more information about LMC Votes! Contact: Dr. Tiffany L. Bohm, (269) 927-8877 or via email at tbohm@lakemichigancollege.edu