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Blog Posts from September 21 to September 30, 2020

What are students thinking? 

From student M: 

In the article (link below), House Democrats prepare new $2.4 trillion stimulus plan with unemployment aid, direct payments,” the house of democrats are putting together a plan that could cost them $2.4 trillion to help with “unemployment insurgence, direct payments to Americans, paycheck protection programs to small-business loan funding and aid to airlines.” Although, this will mean that the Democrats would have to cut about $1 trillion from their proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. I believe the Democrats are trying to run them into the ground to the larger populated cities by raising taxes in order to give some people aid. Three Democrats want to help big cities, while Trump is wanting to help the smaller communities and businesses. I think it is not the best idea to release the stimulus plan because the U.S does not have the money to afford it. Even though it could help people who are unemployed, us Americans do not want to pay higher taxes. Not only that, when people were unemployed, some were earning more money, or the same amount then what they were making before the Coronavirus occurred. [Minor edits made for clarity; content not changed]

Coronavirus Article

Peace deals in the Middle East…a distraction? 

by M.F.

Many presidents have attempted to bring peace to the Middle East over the last several decades, without success. I personally cannot remember a time when there was not some type of conflict in the Middle East, I am not certain my mother or grandmother would be able to. So the progress that President Trump has made in this direction is an amazing thing. I believe this is an area where he has been able to put his experience as a business mogul to use in a way that he is not able to in other areas of the presidency. While Nancy Pelosi calls this a distraction, the facts presented in this article give the impression that she is just being petty. Her comment is an example of the disdain, one would almost say hatred, that the Democrats in the government have for President Trump. They cannot allow him any success without ascribing an ulterior motive, attempting to take away from what he has accomplished. To a certain extent, Nancy Pelosi’s comment does not make sense. She makes it sound like a distraction, some good news in the stress-filled situation everyone is going through, is a bad thing. In my mind, it is a very positive thing, something to give hope in the midst of the sadness, despair and fear that so many are going through. Perhaps it was not meant that way and the media is just putting their spin on it. Perhaps she has made so many negative comments over her career that even if she is not trying to be negative it comes out that way. I leave it to the reader to decide.

Peace Agreements in the Middle East a Distraction?

Does the Electoral College remain relevant or should it be abandoned?

From M.P. 

Since 1787, the Electoral College has existed, it was designed to help accommodate slavery by strengthening the power of smaller states, and rural areas. This system is still used to decide our president today. The system exposed its flaws in two recent presidential elections where the winner got less votes than his opponent. It left us with the feeling that an individual’s vote does not matter. Well it does, but because of representation through the Electoral College, people in larger states have less voting power than those in smaller states.Take representation in states like California, Texas and Florida for example, because, if comparing percentage of population, they have a smaller percentage in the Electoral College vote. The voter from California doesn’t count as much as the voter from Rhode Island. What the Electoral College does provide, is more power to smaller rural areas and weakens “City” power as it was intended by the founders. The electoral college now allows presidents to focus on a few states instead of all of them.The subject of slavery does not come up or weigh in in modern elections, and it’s an old but familiar system that needs improvement. Perhaps with all its imperfections we shouldn’t abandon Electoral College but rather adjust it, in a way to force candidates to focus on more than just a few swing states.

Should the U.S. get rid of the Electoral College?

Was the Electoral College a pro-slavery ploy?

From student T. 

With only a few weeks left before the election we mourn the loss of the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died of pancreatic cancer in September. She did many things for women in this country including, eliminating gender-based stereotyping in legislation and regulations. Mentioned in this article that her passing is reshaping the way that the campaign and the election will play out. One thing that sticks out to me the most in this article is a quote from democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who says, “Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg,” (Camera, L. 2020). I think that Biden said it best because whoever wins in November should have the right to fill the seat in January once they are in office. They were elected by the people and since they were elected by the people that they will elect someone that will do what is best for the people. Especially, since Ginsberg did not want to be replaced until after the election I think the best thing that is the best possible scenario so that way we the people can get the person we deserve.

Does Justice Ginsburg’s Death Reshape the Election? 

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