What's going on?

November 1 to November 8, 2020

The transition? 

by POSC 101 Student A.A. 

From the WashingtonPost on Instagram: the Trump administration appointee, Emily Murphy, is “refusing to sign a letter allowing President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team to formally begin its work this week.” Although, Biden is only the “projected” winner of the 2020 election, this causes concern to many due to the president’s refusal to acknowledge Biden’s potential victory. Some believe there could be a disrupt in the transfer of power. The @washingtonpost states that “the Trump administration, in keeping with the president’s failure to concede the election, has no immediate plans to sign one.” The instagram post ends by claiming that “This could lead to the first transition delay in modern history, except in 2000, when the Supreme Court decided a recount dispute between Al Gore and George W. Bush in December.”

With the controversy over the recounting of votes, the United States is at a standstill while the entire world watches. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had much to say during a hearing @abcnews stating that his conversation with President-elect Joe Biden was “refreshing,” he was “delighted to find the many areas in which the incoming Biden-Harris administration is able to make common cause.”

During this time there is much confusion we have to be careful of what we are told from the media. Regardless of who you voted for, do your own research and stay safe during this pandemic.

A Nation in Crisis? 

By POSC 101 Student A.K. 

The Article I am reviewing is from CNN News, A nation in crisis faces a critical moment in history this election. This article thoroughly describes our split nation’s political views and aspects based on the election of 2020 between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. CNN states midway through the article how they think Donald Trump will change the country if re-elected. They state that not only has Trump deepened the disaster of Covid-19, but also that he will continue the downfall of this top infectious disease. Their reasoning for this is that Trump already has no plans to combat the virus or let alone adopt policies to do so, as he will prioritize economic recovery before taking a step to slowing the current pandemic.

Afterwards, CNN reviews Joe Biden’s plans if elected as the country’s 2020 President. They state that Biden wishes to restore the health and economic welfare of America, basing off of previous Presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama. In Biden’s section of this article, there are no mentions of how Biden will not deal the same way with Covid-19 as Trump did, but instead they state that if Biden does not have a victory in this election that the country gave in to a personal tragedy.

This article did not counteract Biden’s argument with correct views based on how they stated Trump’s argument and it leaves me with a very biased view of CNN. Many arguments they made about Trump were not proven to be better in Biden’s hands and vice versa.


The Media and the Election

by POSC 101 Student J.L. 

They often say that the media is the fourth branch of the government and I have realized that now, more than ever, that this is very accurate. Since the beginning of March when the pandemic of covid-19 first hit the United States, the media has been a big influence in everything that has gone on. I personally believe that a lot of the fluster happened because of the media at the beginning of March. Now we are seeing it during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Within the past couple of weeks there has been more and more information leaked to the media and we are tested with what to believe and what to weed out. Some of it has also been hidden which unfortunately the media has the power of doing. As a voter myself, I have found that to be one of the biggest challenges. When you stop and think, the media is the main way for people all over the world to know what is happening all around us and with it being such a big influence, everyone generally believes what they hear and see, which can cause problems for the government with false alarms and information.

I think the biggest challenge for the presidential race is in fact the media because everything can be interpreted wrong, that is where it becomes the responsibility of us, the US citizens to do research and decide what is true and what is fake news.

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