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November 9 to November 16, 2020

Trump Claims Fraud in 2020 Election

by POSC 101 student A.M.

My initial reaction to this article ( was that Trump was playing more of his childish games and was trying everything he could do to stay in the white house. While I do lean conservative, I am willing to admit that this type of behavior from him is far from unfamiliar.

After hearing multiple sources from each side of the political aisle talk about and give their various takes on the subject, many people seemed to have the same reaction as me. Although after hearing both sides it seems that he does have a legal right to challenge the election in courts if there is something suspicious going on, and after all isn’t that what the court system is for, to determine who is right or wrong. It does seem rather unlikely that the court systems and recounts will find enough voter fraud to actually change anything, but if that is the case then there will be nothing to worry about from the democratic side of things, and if they do happen to find fraud than that’s objectively a good thing not because of changing the president-elect but mostly to maintain faith in our political system and our democracy. I think everyone needs to step back for a second, take a breather and let our political/legal system work itself out.


by POSC 101 Student A.A. 

Reading this article (link below) bought so many mixed emotions. I say this because Biden said he would grant 11 million immigrants with citizenship. If this were to happen, he would save so many lives and that would grant so many opportunities for those people and do so many things they have wanted to do.

An example of this would be the Hispanic families that have been here for years and haven’t been able to see their family in Mexico because they’re afraid they wouldn’t be able to come back. Biden said in the article “We owe them” I see why he says this because they’re the backbone of America, they’re the ones who keep this country going yet a lot of people in this country don’t see that.

This whole year of 2020 has really shown the true colors of people in this world and has bought out their hatred for other races. It is really sad to see what this world has come to when we are all equal. If Biden says he’ll help new kids with DACA it would help them so much because they’re pursuing their dreams in this country that is full of opportunities. If these immigrants get granted citizenship, it would help a lot of my family so much. I’m so blessed that both my parents became U.S citizens, but my aunts and uncles still haven’t been granted because their papers have been in transit for the past 20 years.


Should Mental Health Days be a Mandatory Trend?

From POSC 101 Student J.D. 

Mental health issues are on the rise. The coronavirus regulations put in place has created a barrier between our normal social interactions. We are rarely granted a full face visual of the person we are talking to. Over time this is enough to drive anyone insane. Today out of the couple hundred people I interacted with at work I only saw a dozen faces with out a mask. It has also put a hold on many of our plans such as vacations. Because of this most of us have not taken a single break from work. This also over time can wear on a person mental health. Jamie Coakley stated, “A worrisome trend at her company: 70% of employees had not taken more than two days off since the beginning of the year”.

Companies all over are starting to make a positive change. Implementing mental health day. They are creating a more lenient vacation day policies. I believe this is a great start to reversing this negative increasing trend across the world. More businesses, schools, even households should implement these techniques to better their minds for the tough roads ahead. There is still a lot of fight left but this is a good way to get relief from it.

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