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October 24 to October 31, 2020

October 24 to October 31, 2020

Contain or Move Forward?

by POSC 101 Student C.J. 

Covid-19 is reaching record highs in the U.S. and more than 225,000 people have died. The problem is the current administration’s stance has shifted from efforts to control the pandemic to a focus on getting vaccines and other treatments. The White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has stated, “We’re not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics, and other mitigations.” (Smith, 2020). This is personal to me solely because I worry about my loved ones who are high-risk if they contract the virus. What if the vaccine is not available before that? What if it is not available to everyone? What if the rush to develop the vaccine or treatment has overlooked serious side effects or long-term effects?

Let’s look at New Zealand. They had a coordinated nationwide response resulting in a 7-week lockdown and border closure. Following that, new cases were put in isolation. Everyone was guaranteed they would not lose their housing. They now have coronavirus-related mortality of 4 per 1 million (Kunzmann, 2020).

To solve the problem, we should develop and implement a coordinated national strategy that includes mandated masks, stay-at-home orders as well as continued research and development of vaccines and other treatments. During the lockdown, give citizens funds relative to their costs of living based on geographical region to survive and to preserve their housing and businesses.

We all need to vote. Vote for people who have your best interests at heart.



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The Reasons Behind Why Americans Aren’t Voting

by POSC 101 student C. T. 

As election day approaches, many Americans will be voting for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump as our next president. However, there are social platforms such as the media and ads/commercials that are constantly reminding us to vote. Many Americans may either choose to vote or not. The Americans who register to vote are more likely to vote compared to the ones that are not registered to vote.

In response to the article “Why Many Americans Don’t Vote” there are countless reasons why Americans choose not to vote. From previous elections, these are some reasons why some Americans do not vote: don’t like the political candidate, can’t get the day off, have a disability, no transportation, not interested, and can’t find their local polling place. Also, some may feel that voting doesn’t matter because it’s not worth the time. These types of obstacles conflict with why many Americans do not vote.

For this election, the pandemic could affect these reasons, and many people may avoid coming in-person to vote. However, this year’s election is important that many Americans vote for who they believe is the best leader and representation for the United States. On the other hand, many will be discouraged because some may dislike either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Who knows for this year’s election if Americans will make an effort to vote?


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Boycotting Home Depot

by POSC 101 student J.M.  

One of the cofounders of a major store, Bernie Marcus of Home Depot, is getting whiplash for his support of President Trump. [please note that Bernie is no longer a CEO of Home Depot] Bernie was saying that President Trump was as far as “Ronald Reagan’s heir.” Some liberals took offense and started a boycott against Home Depot. Bernie told Fox News some of the reasons he [Trump] should be reelected. For one his tax cuts, dropping unemployment rates, and his belief that Trump will help the economy rebound after Covid-19.
With Trump cutting taxes, it gives the smaller companies a better chance of bouncing back into business after Covid. This seems like a good idea because for small starting companies a lower tax could greatly help them continue. Bernie also tells Fox that the unemployment rate has dropped since President Trump has been president.
I don’t feel that unemployment has dropped because of anything the president has done but more of the fact that people who haven’t had a job, found it harder than ever not to be employed and needing money. Also, the fact that death rates have been affected due to covid, has opened up new jobs for people looking.
I do not agree that people should boycott Home Depot. The reason only being that they do not like the political status of an individual. I can not see anything changing from this protest. they are affecting the jobs of employees and the staff of the whole company by starting the boycott. To me, the boycott will not change anything that Bernie writes on his ballot.
Source: not provided

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