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November 9 to November 16, 2020

Trump Claims Fraud in 2020 Election

by POSC 101 student A.M.

My initial reaction to this article ( was that Trump was playing more of his childish games and was trying everything he could do to stay in the white house. While I do lean conservative, I am willing to admit that this type of behavior from him is far from unfamiliar.

After hearing multiple sources from each side of the political aisle talk about and give their various takes on the subject, many people seemed to have the same reaction as me. Although after hearing both sides it seems that he does have a legal right to challenge the election in courts if there is something suspicious going on, and after all isn’t that what the court system is for, to determine who is right or wrong. It does seem rather unlikely that the court systems and recounts will find enough voter fraud to actually change anything, but if that is the case then there will be nothing to worry about from the democratic side of things, and if they do happen to find fraud than that’s objectively a good thing not because of changing the president-elect but mostly to maintain faith in our political system and our democracy. I think everyone needs to step back for a second, take a breather and let our political/legal system work itself out.


by POSC 101 Student A.A. 

Reading this article (link below) bought so many mixed emotions. I say this because Biden said he would grant 11 million immigrants with citizenship. If this were to happen, he would save so many lives and that would grant so many opportunities for those people and do so many things they have wanted to do.

An example of this would be the Hispanic families that have been here for years and haven’t been able to see their family in Mexico because they’re afraid they wouldn’t be able to come back. Biden said in the article “We owe them” I see why he says this because they’re the backbone of America, they’re the ones who keep this country going yet a lot of people in this country don’t see that.

This whole year of 2020 has really shown the true colors of people in this world and has bought out their hatred for other races. It is really sad to see what this world has come to when we are all equal. If Biden says he’ll help new kids with DACA it would help them so much because they’re pursuing their dreams in this country that is full of opportunities. If these immigrants get granted citizenship, it would help a lot of my family so much. I’m so blessed that both my parents became U.S citizens, but my aunts and uncles still haven’t been granted because their papers have been in transit for the past 20 years.


Should Mental Health Days be a Mandatory Trend?

From POSC 101 Student J.D. 

Mental health issues are on the rise. The coronavirus regulations put in place has created a barrier between our normal social interactions. We are rarely granted a full face visual of the person we are talking to. Over time this is enough to drive anyone insane. Today out of the couple hundred people I interacted with at work I only saw a dozen faces with out a mask. It has also put a hold on many of our plans such as vacations. Because of this most of us have not taken a single break from work. This also over time can wear on a person mental health. Jamie Coakley stated, “A worrisome trend at her company: 70% of employees had not taken more than two days off since the beginning of the year”.

Companies all over are starting to make a positive change. Implementing mental health day. They are creating a more lenient vacation day policies. I believe this is a great start to reversing this negative increasing trend across the world. More businesses, schools, even households should implement these techniques to better their minds for the tough roads ahead. There is still a lot of fight left but this is a good way to get relief from it.

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November 1 to November 8, 2020

The transition? 

by POSC 101 Student A.A. 

From the WashingtonPost on Instagram: the Trump administration appointee, Emily Murphy, is “refusing to sign a letter allowing President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team to formally begin its work this week.” Although, Biden is only the “projected” winner of the 2020 election, this causes concern to many due to the president’s refusal to acknowledge Biden’s potential victory. Some believe there could be a disrupt in the transfer of power. The @washingtonpost states that “the Trump administration, in keeping with the president’s failure to concede the election, has no immediate plans to sign one.” The instagram post ends by claiming that “This could lead to the first transition delay in modern history, except in 2000, when the Supreme Court decided a recount dispute between Al Gore and George W. Bush in December.”

With the controversy over the recounting of votes, the United States is at a standstill while the entire world watches. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had much to say during a hearing @abcnews stating that his conversation with President-elect Joe Biden was “refreshing,” he was “delighted to find the many areas in which the incoming Biden-Harris administration is able to make common cause.”

During this time there is much confusion we have to be careful of what we are told from the media. Regardless of who you voted for, do your own research and stay safe during this pandemic.

A Nation in Crisis? 

By POSC 101 Student A.K. 

The Article I am reviewing is from CNN News, A nation in crisis faces a critical moment in history this election. This article thoroughly describes our split nation’s political views and aspects based on the election of 2020 between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. CNN states midway through the article how they think Donald Trump will change the country if re-elected. They state that not only has Trump deepened the disaster of Covid-19, but also that he will continue the downfall of this top infectious disease. Their reasoning for this is that Trump already has no plans to combat the virus or let alone adopt policies to do so, as he will prioritize economic recovery before taking a step to slowing the current pandemic.

Afterwards, CNN reviews Joe Biden’s plans if elected as the country’s 2020 President. They state that Biden wishes to restore the health and economic welfare of America, basing off of previous Presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama. In Biden’s section of this article, there are no mentions of how Biden will not deal the same way with Covid-19 as Trump did, but instead they state that if Biden does not have a victory in this election that the country gave in to a personal tragedy.

This article did not counteract Biden’s argument with correct views based on how they stated Trump’s argument and it leaves me with a very biased view of CNN. Many arguments they made about Trump were not proven to be better in Biden’s hands and vice versa.


The Media and the Election

by POSC 101 Student J.L. 

They often say that the media is the fourth branch of the government and I have realized that now, more than ever, that this is very accurate. Since the beginning of March when the pandemic of covid-19 first hit the United States, the media has been a big influence in everything that has gone on. I personally believe that a lot of the fluster happened because of the media at the beginning of March. Now we are seeing it during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Within the past couple of weeks there has been more and more information leaked to the media and we are tested with what to believe and what to weed out. Some of it has also been hidden which unfortunately the media has the power of doing. As a voter myself, I have found that to be one of the biggest challenges. When you stop and think, the media is the main way for people all over the world to know what is happening all around us and with it being such a big influence, everyone generally believes what they hear and see, which can cause problems for the government with false alarms and information.

I think the biggest challenge for the presidential race is in fact the media because everything can be interpreted wrong, that is where it becomes the responsibility of us, the US citizens to do research and decide what is true and what is fake news.

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October 24 to October 31, 2020

October 24 to October 31, 2020

Contain or Move Forward?

by POSC 101 Student C.J. 

Covid-19 is reaching record highs in the U.S. and more than 225,000 people have died. The problem is the current administration’s stance has shifted from efforts to control the pandemic to a focus on getting vaccines and other treatments. The White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has stated, “We’re not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics, and other mitigations.” (Smith, 2020). This is personal to me solely because I worry about my loved ones who are high-risk if they contract the virus. What if the vaccine is not available before that? What if it is not available to everyone? What if the rush to develop the vaccine or treatment has overlooked serious side effects or long-term effects?

Let’s look at New Zealand. They had a coordinated nationwide response resulting in a 7-week lockdown and border closure. Following that, new cases were put in isolation. Everyone was guaranteed they would not lose their housing. They now have coronavirus-related mortality of 4 per 1 million (Kunzmann, 2020).

To solve the problem, we should develop and implement a coordinated national strategy that includes mandated masks, stay-at-home orders as well as continued research and development of vaccines and other treatments. During the lockdown, give citizens funds relative to their costs of living based on geographical region to survive and to preserve their housing and businesses.

We all need to vote. Vote for people who have your best interests at heart.



Smith, A. (2020, October 25). Meadows says ‘we’re not going to control the pandemic’ in heated interview. Retrieved October 25, 2020, from

Kunzmann, K. (2020, August 9). How Did New Zealand Control COVID-19? Contagion Live Infectious Diseases Today. Retrieved October 25, 2020 from


The Reasons Behind Why Americans Aren’t Voting

by POSC 101 student C. T. 

As election day approaches, many Americans will be voting for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump as our next president. However, there are social platforms such as the media and ads/commercials that are constantly reminding us to vote. Many Americans may either choose to vote or not. The Americans who register to vote are more likely to vote compared to the ones that are not registered to vote.

In response to the article “Why Many Americans Don’t Vote” there are countless reasons why Americans choose not to vote. From previous elections, these are some reasons why some Americans do not vote: don’t like the political candidate, can’t get the day off, have a disability, no transportation, not interested, and can’t find their local polling place. Also, some may feel that voting doesn’t matter because it’s not worth the time. These types of obstacles conflict with why many Americans do not vote.

For this election, the pandemic could affect these reasons, and many people may avoid coming in-person to vote. However, this year’s election is important that many Americans vote for who they believe is the best leader and representation for the United States. On the other hand, many will be discouraged because some may dislike either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Who knows for this year’s election if Americans will make an effort to vote?


DeVeaux, A. T., Bronner, L., & Mithani, J. (2020, October 26). Why Millions Of Americans Don’t Vote. Retrieved October 26, 2020, from

Boycotting Home Depot

by POSC 101 student J.M.  

One of the cofounders of a major store, Bernie Marcus of Home Depot, is getting whiplash for his support of President Trump. [please note that Bernie is no longer a CEO of Home Depot] Bernie was saying that President Trump was as far as “Ronald Reagan’s heir.” Some liberals took offense and started a boycott against Home Depot. Bernie told Fox News some of the reasons he [Trump] should be reelected. For one his tax cuts, dropping unemployment rates, and his belief that Trump will help the economy rebound after Covid-19.
With Trump cutting taxes, it gives the smaller companies a better chance of bouncing back into business after Covid. This seems like a good idea because for small starting companies a lower tax could greatly help them continue. Bernie also tells Fox that the unemployment rate has dropped since President Trump has been president.
I don’t feel that unemployment has dropped because of anything the president has done but more of the fact that people who haven’t had a job, found it harder than ever not to be employed and needing money. Also, the fact that death rates have been affected due to covid, has opened up new jobs for people looking.
I do not agree that people should boycott Home Depot. The reason only being that they do not like the political status of an individual. I can not see anything changing from this protest. they are affecting the jobs of employees and the staff of the whole company by starting the boycott. To me, the boycott will not change anything that Bernie writes on his ballot.
Source: not provided
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October 16 to October 23, 2020

October 16 to October 23, 2020

Are you Voting?
by A.K. 
If you have the power to make a change, why wouldn’t you fulfill your power? This goes along with not voting in elections. Learning through government classes in high school and now in college I’ve come across many explanations on why some people don’t vote in Presidential elections.
1. They don’t think their one vote will have enough power or really won’t make a difference, so why bother?
2. They don’t care or don’t have enough education to have an opinion, or worst they go along with what someone else told them. While reading “Why Millions of Americans Don’t Vote” by Amelia Thomson-DeVeau, she gives pivotal statistics on why Americans don’t vote. The author gives many excuses as to why Americans don’t vote; they range from “Couldn’t get off work, to people who don’t believe in voting”. I’ve always learned that living in the United States we have a privilege of voicing our own opinion and voting. Many countries around the world don’t get that opportunity.Personally just turning 18 in the year of a Presidential Election I’ve asked my peers if they will vote. Most say “no” with a wimpy excuse of them saying “they don’t really care or simply they are too lazy to register to vote.” I think being given the power to act grown up and vote on who will lead our country for the next 4 years is fascinating. You will find me using my power and voting.
Former Vice President Biden’s Retirement Proposal
by K.B. 
This report from CNN reviews Biden’s proposal to change 401k retirement savings accounts to give low-income earners a bigger tax break up front. While this sounds like a great idea to the majority of the population, this would mean that people who earn more would see a smaller tax break. I believe that this would only be a minor disadvantage to the wealthy, and a great advantage to lower-income households. If it was the other way around, low income households would be struggling to get by while high income households don’t see that great of a change. Biden is also proposing to establish automatic retirement savings accounts for workers who don’t already get 401ks or pensions from their employers. I think that this is a great idea because it is of my personal belief that everyone who works hard deserves to have a retirement. Many companies or employers don’t always provide many benefits – if at all – to their employees. This would be yet another way to close the wide gap that exists between the upper class and the lower class. While some may argue that many people in the upper class have worked hard to get to where they are, the exact same can be said about people in the lower-class. However, I believe that there should be an equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. 
Reference: “Biden Proposes 401(k) Changes To Give Low-income Savers Bigger Tax Benefits” CNN Politics. Sep 19, 2020. Web. 19 Sep 2020.
In Trump’s Own Words
by M.M. 
According to the article by New York Times called “In His Own Words, Trump on the Coronavirus and Masks”, President Trump has been resentful towards wearing masks. In the beginning of the pandemic, he would not be seen in public with a mask and described them as not very effective and was not advising the public to wear them.The article includes numerous quotes from Donald Trump stating his views on masks, most of his comments are not in support of them. Going into the summer, the article talks about how the president changes his stance on the masks slightly. He is more supportive of the masks and began to wear them when he was in public, although it is clear he has never been fully supportive of masks. It seems because the president does not fully support masks it has been a controversial topic for the public, some people agree with Donald Trump while some agree with the health department. The health department says it is important, but many people are listening to the president who is giving mixed messages involving the importance and effectiveness of masks. Reading this article makes me wonder why the president does not fully support masks if the health department advises them? 
Death of Cultural Christianity?
by N.B.
I was really interested in seeing this article because it is putting into words the truth of the cultural shift our country is going through.
I have been aware of the shift in cultures and values that is taking place in our country, and this is the root cause for the decline of Americans identifying as Christians. Based on what I see in my day to day life,I agree with what the data said and believe that the number of Americans identifying as unaffiliated rather than Christian is only increasing as time goes on. I have seen an interesting video describing this process as Generational Replacement which is the process where the older American who were raised in the church and stayed there are passing away and being replaced by the younger generations which are having more people leaving mainline churches and claiming to be unaffiliated.What we are seeing is the slow death of cultural Christianity. With our country as diverse as it is, and the way values are changing it is becoming less popular to the general public to be a Christian. I believe this change can be seen in pretty much any aspect of life now in any sort of community.
Reference link:
Trump losing ground with Voters?
by B.H. 
In the article, “Trump Is Losing Ground With White Voters But Gaining Among Black and Hispanic Americans,” by Geoffrey Skelley and Anna Wiederkehr, it is explained that even though most of president Trump’s votes came from white voters without a college degree, recently, he has been losing these white voters and gaining more Black and Hispanic voters. The article shows past data between President Trump and Hilary Clinton, compared to recent data between Trump and Joe Biden. The data shows that from 2016 to 2020, Trump has lost white voters, gained voters under the age of 45, has lost male voters, and has lost white voters without a college degree. The authors point out that although Trump’s voting demographics have changed significantly since 2016, he has gained more voters that are black and Hispanic. Specifically, black voters between the ages of 18 and 44 and Hispanic voters with a college degree. The authors make it clear that even though these recent changes in polls may seem to shift the election, they do not necessarily influence the overall outcome. Skelley and Wiederkehr assert that neither candidate needs to gain, or even lose voters of a specific demographic. To win the presidential election, Trump needs to do better than his election in 2016, or for Biden to win, he needs to outperform the democratic candidate’s race of 2016.
AOC Plays ‘Among Us’
by J.S. 
On Tuesday two members of Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Ilhan Omar held a livestream on Twitch. Here they played the game Among Us, which is probably the most unusual voter outreach event in recent history.
To play the game Among Us, crewmates complete normal tasks on a spaceship while the imposter(s) tries to kill the crewmates without getting caught. In the very first round, AOC was chosen as imposter and since she is completely new to the game, the live stream was fun from the start. This event was an incredible success. It gained about 439,000 viewers watching in real time, and approximately 5.2 million viewers overall. Typically, politicians never gain such a large audience so quickly on media like this. When Donald Trump and Joe Biden held a stream on Twitch for campaign events, total views were between 6,000 and 17,000. This success extended well above their already-established popularity among the younger generation.
While during the stream AOC fretted over having to be the imposter, almost giving herself away while saying ‘nooo’ aloud when she found out she would be the first imposter. In later rounds, she was just a crewmate, where she said she was ‘running so behind’ on her tasks and was surprised when an imposter came and killed her little pink avatar. When it became time to vote for who the players think the imposter is she would state “I’m voting early” and cast her vote for the suspect. She was using every opportunity to stick with the original message.
AOC and Omar are not just normal people playing this popular game, they are members of Congress trying to get people to vote. Doing this, they achieved something most politicians cannot do, they looked like normal people. They were enjoying themselves, accusing each other of being the imposter, cheering when they won, shouting when they lost and saying that they knew all along who the imposter was. AOC has an established online presence and has always engaged the public in an almost-collegial manner.
Like the idea of playing a video game when they both had ‘better thing to do’ has earned her the scorn of other Congressmen, but if you consider the things other candidates do to get people to vote, such as fish fries, baby kissing, and benefit concerts, these candidates go where people are, and in today’s day, people are watching video game streams on Twitch. AOC noticed that there was a game people loved to watch, asked if anyone wanted to play with her and sat down for a few hours to do it with half a million people watching, and at the end, that was cause to the success of it. That, for a little while, the were not politicians, but motivated citizens, just a couple of Twitch streamers playing ‘Among Us’.
Reference: -twitch-stream-aoc
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Blog Posts from October 8 to October 15, 2020

October 8 to October 15, 2020

Fauci Says Trump Campaign Ad Uses His Words ‘Completely Out of Context.’
By Student A.B. 
On Tuesday 10/13/2020, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci said he wanted an advertisement to be taken down by the Trump campaign that suggested he supported the coronavirus response from the administration. Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, whose blunt public health advice has often been at odds with President Trump, said that he was quoted “completely out of context” in a Trump advertisement by mistakenly suggesting that he praised the coronavirus response of the administration. However, he also made it clear that there was no “rift” between him and the president. I think this says a lot about Trump’s administration. It’s not surprising at all, considering that this has been an administration that has downplayed everything, including words from their own assigned medical expert Anthony Fauci. Anthony Fauci also stated “That ad clearly implies strongly that I’m endorsing a political candidate, and I have not given them my permission to do that,” Dr. Fauci said, adding that in his five decades of public life, he had never been involved in partisan politics. “And in addition to that, the quote that they took is completely out of context.” I believe respect is something that everyone deserves. Regardless of what political party we support. And Dr. Fauci very much deserves to be respected. Ever since this virus started, there has been an undeniable tension between him and the president. I also think Dr. Fauci was right when he said, “That ad clearly implies strongly that I’m endorsing a political candidate”. I believe this can bring tensions among people of different parties, or even people in general because Dr. Fauci is a coronavirus medical expert that everyone in the United States looks up to for the virus update and other important information about this virus. So, it’s very important for him to not endorse any political party.
Roe v. Wade: The Constitutional Right to Access Safe, Legal Abortion
by D.K. 
In 1973, Roe v. Wade guaranteed access to safe and legal abortions, as it is a constitutional right. Extreme conservatives are taking lifetime positions in federal courts, putting Roe v. Wade at risk. One-third of all women between 15 and 49 could lose access to safe abortions. Official reports say illegal abortions make up 1 in 6 pregnancy related deaths, but many professionals feel there are many more. Legal abortion has a safety record of over 99%. With Roe v. Wade under attack, even though it is a constitutional right, more than 25 million women could lose this right to healthcare in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Hundreds of new abortion restrictions have been introduced this year, including 10 states with 6 week abortion bans. Only 23 to 28 percent of women have reported pregnancy awareness at six weeks or less.
73% of Americans support Roe v. Wade, which is the most support in the last 45 years, including those who voted for Trump.
67% of Americans think abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
Most Americans want lawmakers to stay out of the issue of abortion.
Most Americans want legislators to expand abortion access rather than try to restrict it.
Americans are almost twice as likely to support a candidate who supports abortion access.
65% of Americans think a trend to restrict access to abortion care is going the wrong direction.
71% of self-described moderate republicans and liberal Republicans and 82% of moderate and conservative Democrats support Roe v. Wade.
60% of Catholic Americans support Roe v. Wade. Yes, you read that correctly.
82% of 18-29 year olds support Roe v. Wade.
POC overwhelmingly support Roe v. Wade, including:79% of African Americans, 71% of Latinx, 74% of Asians/Pacific Islanders
Planned Parenthood is America’s most trusted provider in reproductive healthcare and their professionals are dedicated to offer everyone high-quality, affordable medical care. We as citizens, and as women, should be able to decide whether we become a parent. This decision should be left up to those it directly affects, and not politicians and judges.
Citations: 2020.
Roe V. Wade: The Constitutional Right To Access Safe, Legal Abortion. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 19 October 2020].
Is Trump Really to Blame for the Delay in a Secondary Coronavirus Relief Package?
By J.D. 
In the opening statements of this article, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rated Trump’s latest relief package as “Insufficient”. While I understand the Democratic parties concern for getting the largest sum they can to the American people, a little relief is better than no relief at all. I can account firsthand the difficulties front line workers have to deal with on a daily basis being one myself. We are held to extremely high standards by the customers that use our services and are the first ones blamed when a customer is unsatisfied with the new changes in rules and regulations we are forced to abide by. We have faced budget cuts and had to lay off employees. We also had to somehow find additional funding for PPE to meet new government regulations. This went on for months before any aid was given to our establishment. The aid that was approved and given then I would also call “Insufficient” but at least it was something.
Nancy Pelosi and the democratic party are the ones to blame here. Pelosi from the start of Trump’s election in 2016, voted in fairly by the American people, has fought against him at every turn. Trump has been found innocent during an impeachment trial, multiple scandals, and still they continue to fight him. I believe under the circumstances Trump has accomplished quite a lot. He has continued to push relief aid only to be stopped by Pelosi and other Democrats. Why? Trump is not to blame and the only real solution is for the Democratic party to put their hatred and greed aside and work together like a real team.
Longevity in Voting
by M.G. 
On October 28th of this year, Mabel Cook voted in her 15th election. October 28th was the mark of two weeks from her 101st birthday. There have been 18 presidents during her lifetime and she’s voted for 14 of them. According to her, here is who she had voted for all these years. Franklin D. Roosevelt [D], Harry S. Truman [D], Dwight D. Eisenhower [R], John F. Kennedy [D], Lyndon B. Johnson [D], Richard Nixon [R], Gerald Ford [R], Jimmy Carter [D], Ronald Reagan [R], George H. W. Bush [R], Bill Clinton [D], George W. Bush [R], Barack Obama [D], Donald Trump [R].When I first read this article, I thought how wonderful it was to say that you have been a part of 15 elections. That’s a lot of presidents. In the article, she stated that she and her family were Republican, but that she voted for who she thought would be better for the country, it didn’t matter the party. She just wanted one that she thought would take care of the country. Mabel was only 3 months old when the 19th amendment was established. I also think that is crazy. That means her mother wasn’t able to participate in voting until a lil after she had children. It seems like a totally different world. Mabel lived through the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919, so she was super scared of Covid-19. I think this is sad because she was only two weeks from the time of voting and her birthday. Yes, I believe that she has experienced a long and beautiful life, but living through another pandemic probably wasn’t the best of life she could have chosen. Overall, I loved this story and it made me very happy to see how happy she was to participate in her last election.
Virtual Debate Is a “No Go”
by S.P. 
Due to recent news that our president, Donald Trump tested positive to Covid-19, it had been decided that the second presidential debate between Biden and Trump would be postponed to a later date. Originally the debate was to be held on October 15th. However, it is now postponed to October 22nd. Also, it was said it would be a virtual debate for the protection of others since Trump recently tested positive for Covid-19. However, Trump refuses to be a part of a virtual debate. Stating it would be a “waste of time.” Biden supporters and Trump supporters go back and forth arguing the sides of Biden and Trump. Biden supporters argue that President Trump cannot decide just because he is President that the debate cannot go on live and he cannot change the dates either. While Trump supporters are upset about not being able to see the debate happen face-to-face. Trump supporters want nothing more than to see this debate go down between the two, Trump and Biden, face-to-face. Like a normal presidential debate. Feeling as though it’s something that is being taken away from them if it happens virtually instead of face-to-face. Whether you agree with one side or the other, the debates cannot get pushed back any further. The third presidential debate must still go on as well. There needs to be two more debates before the election, which is coming up quickly as well. The election will still take place on the third of November. Meaning, there isn’t too much time. Whether we like it or not, a virtual debate may be the only way. Will Trump do it? Or continue to argue it is a waste of time? Will the debate go his way and be face-to-face, the way it should be? The question remains, we American’s are left unsure. However, what we do know, is how much us American’s are being deeply affected by this virus.
Reference link:
Are Families Off Limits or Fair Game in Debates?
by F.K. 
Your family and their struggles affect who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in. Picture in your mind the struggles and experiences that have impacted you the most and then imagine them broadcasted on national television. This is what happened during the first general election debate held on September 29th, 2020. If a situation involving family members pertains to any political issues are they fair to discuss or should their families personal business be protected, their lives off-limits?
Lisa Hagen, a reporter for, dives into the facts behind the statements aimed at Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, at the debate in her article, “Trump Forces Biden to Defend Hunter Biden’s Record.” Hagen (2020) quotes Trump in her article where he comments “No wonder your son goes in and he takes out billions of dollars. … He makes millions of dollars. What did he do with Burisma to deserve it?” This was in reference to a conflict of interest as Hunter had a paid position as a board member for a Ukrainian natural gas company while Joe Biden was in charge of anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine while Vice president. Hagen (2020) also quotes Trump commenting on even more personal matters, stating that “Hunter got thrown out of the military. He was thrown out, dishonorably discharged for cocaine use. And he didn’t have a job until you became vice president.”
Based on Hagen’s article, the only solid facts presented in both of these statements were Hunter Biden’s struggle with addiction and his dishonorable discharge. Everything else, after further review, was dismissed with no concrete evidence. Bringing family matters into the debate, although used as a tool to point towards corruption in government, resulted only in showcasing a shameful event that had little to do with the debate at hand. To prevent situations like this, there should be an unspoken rule about families: they are off limits.
Reference link:
Trump Forces Biden to Defend Hunter Biden’s Record. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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Blog Posts from October 1 to October 7, 2020

Who won the debate? 

From student A.A. regarding this article:

While reading this article my first thought was how did he win this debate? This whole debate was a joke due to the fact that Trump interrupted Biden more than at least 10 times, and literally they spent most of their time arguing as if they were two teenagers fighting for which football team is the best. The questions Trump was asked and the two minutes he was given, he used that time to bash on Biden and the questions were only half answered. For example, Trump refused to condemn white supremacy on live tv. That was a major red flag for me because being Hispanic I notice how much white privilege there is around me. I can guarantee you that those white privileged people have never struggled as much as a hard-working Hispanic that just wants a better future. Trump also claimed that he has helped out African American’s the most than any other president has, which is a complete like because he has done the complete opposite. Based on what I’ve seen, the countless articles I had read, and the research I have done Trump is the president that has been the least person to help any other race other than white. He has been the person that has bought out so much hatred between people, and you notice how people have shown their true colors since he’s been in office. Save our children, BLM, and HLM are all something really important to me.


Who won the debate? 

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Student D.B. writes: 

First off, both President Trump and former V.P Biden ended up interrupting the mediator pretty frequently, with President Trump being the dominant one in that aspect, cutting both Chris Wallace and Joe Biden. From just this perspective alone, I feel that both of them are being very disrespectful. On top of that, Donald Trump used to call Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” which seemed far from the truth, because Joe Biden during his debate had great energy and seemed very up and passionate about what he was talking about. Overtop all of that, I see that during the end, Chris Wallace asked why Trump would not really abide by the rules of the debate, to which both of the campaigns agreed that Trump was not following the rules. When looking at this, I cannot say I could pick a definite winner of the debate, as I would not want to be biased towards my party’s views, and the way the debate turned out made it seem like he Chris had a really hard time keeping the reigns over Trump so he would not go astray and be interrupting, but I have to commend Chris for trying to keep the debate together while it was falling apart.

Did anyone win the debate? 

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From student B.W.

Chaotic? Very. Childish? Yes.
In light of the recent United States Presidential Debate, I decided to read up on the Washington Post’s take on it. The first debate out of three aired on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, it not only started with a bang but ended with one as well. Responses to the live show rolled in with lightning speed and have been the major focus of all social media in the days following. The post mentioned that “The 90-minute showdown between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden was called a “dumpster fire,” a “train wreck” and other less print-friendly names” (Bellware). Not only was Democratic Candidate Joe Biden interrupted by President Trump, but so was the debate’s moderator Chris Wallace. The media has also taken the opportunity to point out the possibility of muting the microphones when one candidate does not have the floor. This will ultimately allow everyone to hear the full answers to the questions they have been wondering for the past few months and not have to worry about the candidate being interrupted.
Despite there being many interruptions on both parties’ parts, there were also plenty of times where Chris Wallace had to remind the candidates of their time limits. Rules have been made regarding these debates, and one of those happens to be the time limits each candidate receives for the questions. Another case when rules had been brought into the mix was when “The 2012 agreement between the Obama and Romney campaigns included rules against using props or visual aids and barred follow-up questions from the audience during the town hall” (Bellware). More enforcements on these debates may be in effect soon, and voters will hopefully get their opportunity to make their final decisions in who they will vote for in November.
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In the article (link below), House Democrats prepare new $2.4 trillion stimulus plan with unemployment aid, direct payments,” the house of democrats are putting together a plan that could cost them $2.4 trillion to help with “unemployment insurgence, direct payments to Americans, paycheck protection programs to small-business loan funding and aid to airlines.” Although, this will mean that the Democrats would have to cut about $1 trillion from their proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. I believe the Democrats are trying to run them into the ground to the larger populated cities by raising taxes in order to give some people aid. Three Democrats want to help big cities, while Trump is wanting to help the smaller communities and businesses. I think it is not the best idea to release the stimulus plan because the U.S does not have the money to afford it. Even though it could help people who are unemployed, us Americans do not want to pay higher taxes. Not only that, when people were unemployed, some were earning more money, or the same amount then what they were making before the Coronavirus occurred. [Minor edits made for clarity; content not changed]

Coronavirus Article

Peace deals in the Middle East…a distraction? 

by M.F.

Many presidents have attempted to bring peace to the Middle East over the last several decades, without success. I personally cannot remember a time when there was not some type of conflict in the Middle East, I am not certain my mother or grandmother would be able to. So the progress that President Trump has made in this direction is an amazing thing. I believe this is an area where he has been able to put his experience as a business mogul to use in a way that he is not able to in other areas of the presidency. While Nancy Pelosi calls this a distraction, the facts presented in this article give the impression that she is just being petty. Her comment is an example of the disdain, one would almost say hatred, that the Democrats in the government have for President Trump. They cannot allow him any success without ascribing an ulterior motive, attempting to take away from what he has accomplished. To a certain extent, Nancy Pelosi’s comment does not make sense. She makes it sound like a distraction, some good news in the stress-filled situation everyone is going through, is a bad thing. In my mind, it is a very positive thing, something to give hope in the midst of the sadness, despair and fear that so many are going through. Perhaps it was not meant that way and the media is just putting their spin on it. Perhaps she has made so many negative comments over her career that even if she is not trying to be negative it comes out that way. I leave it to the reader to decide.

Peace Agreements in the Middle East a Distraction?

Does the Electoral College remain relevant or should it be abandoned?

From M.P. 

Since 1787, the Electoral College has existed, it was designed to help accommodate slavery by strengthening the power of smaller states, and rural areas. This system is still used to decide our president today. The system exposed its flaws in two recent presidential elections where the winner got less votes than his opponent. It left us with the feeling that an individual’s vote does not matter. Well it does, but because of representation through the Electoral College, people in larger states have less voting power than those in smaller states.Take representation in states like California, Texas and Florida for example, because, if comparing percentage of population, they have a smaller percentage in the Electoral College vote. The voter from California doesn’t count as much as the voter from Rhode Island. What the Electoral College does provide, is more power to smaller rural areas and weakens “City” power as it was intended by the founders. The electoral college now allows presidents to focus on a few states instead of all of them.The subject of slavery does not come up or weigh in in modern elections, and it’s an old but familiar system that needs improvement. Perhaps with all its imperfections we shouldn’t abandon Electoral College but rather adjust it, in a way to force candidates to focus on more than just a few swing states.

Should the U.S. get rid of the Electoral College?

Was the Electoral College a pro-slavery ploy?

From student T. 

With only a few weeks left before the election we mourn the loss of the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died of pancreatic cancer in September. She did many things for women in this country including, eliminating gender-based stereotyping in legislation and regulations. Mentioned in this article that her passing is reshaping the way that the campaign and the election will play out. One thing that sticks out to me the most in this article is a quote from democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, who says, “Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg,” (Camera, L. 2020). I think that Biden said it best because whoever wins in November should have the right to fill the seat in January once they are in office. They were elected by the people and since they were elected by the people that they will elect someone that will do what is best for the people. Especially, since Ginsberg did not want to be replaced until after the election I think the best thing that is the best possible scenario so that way we the people can get the person we deserve.

Does Justice Ginsburg’s Death Reshape the Election? 

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A recent report from CNN covers the issue of medical services of medical services for migrants in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and is at risk of lapsing. The current contract is set to expire on September 29, leaving the agency to act fast. With two children dying in Border Control custody by the end of 2018, this leaves many people becoming concerned about the need for medical services being supplied to the Customs and Border Protection Center. “If the CBP is unable to secure the contract, this will leave the health of the migrants in CBP custody in jeopardy (CNN).” This will only increase more with the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, many claim that the “medical services for migrants has been at the forefront of the Trump administration (CNN).” This wouldn’t support the current case and especially when now, during a pandemic, should be the time that the health and public safety is at the forefront. On the other hand, it is understandable to fall behind due to the increase of migrants at the southern border in 2018. In response, the agency rushed to increase their medical capabilities and combat overcrowding within detention centers, proving that the Trump administration has not taken the public health and safety lightly in the past and will continue to do so.
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Reference: Reference: “Medical Services for Migrants in CBP Custody At Risk Of Lapsing, Watchdog Finds” CNN Politics. July 2018 Web. 4 Dec 2019.